Here are three tips to help buyers get their offers accepted.

Nicole Latham works with many of our buyers, so today she’s joined us to share some great tips to help homebuyers get their offers accepted in the current market:

1. Make sure you’re pre-approved. If you’re not pre-approved in this market, you shouldn’t be looking at any homes because you won’t know what price range you need to be looking at. If you begin the pre-approval process after you’ve found a home you like, odds are that it will be gone by the time you get pre-approved; the market is moving fast right now.

“Craft your offer based on what motivates the seller and what they’ll need to make their transition easier.”

2. Submit your highest and best offer first. Many of our buyers seem to think that they can afford to leave a little wiggle room in their offers because they might get a counteroffer. Well, you might get a counteroffer, but so might a whole bunch of other buyers you’re competing with. Lead with your highest and best first so that you can at least end up in the top three offers considered by the seller. We can help you with the price and terms to give you the best chance of competing.

3. Accommodate the seller’s needs. Do they need a rent-back? Do they need a specific closing date?  Figure out what motivates the seller and what they’ll need to make their transition easier, and then craft your offer based on that information. That will show that you truly care and that you’re serious about the transaction.

If you have any questions about the home-buying journey or anything else to do with real estate, reach out and give us a call or send an email. We’re here to help and support you.